Morgan EP (Enhanced Provision for pupils with Autism Spectrum Disorder) – Dundee, Scotland

I first used Mangahigh as a support for learning teacher with maths classes. Maths teachers would generally allocate a lesson per week to Mangahigh. The pupils regarded this time as a reward and it was therefore used as an incentive. If the pupils behaved well and worked hard, then the reward was their Mangahigh lesson in the library. However, from a teaching perspective, it was a great way to consolidate and assess learning as well as being a useful tool […]

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featherstone image v3

Featherstone School, London – Case Study (2013)

Featherstone High School was one of the first schools globally to start using Mangahigh back in 2009. In this video, Deputy Head Neil Bradford and his staff talk about the dramatic impact that games-based maths has had at Featherstone, helping to improve maths GCSE results and also intensifying interest in maths as a subject.

During the last three years of using Mangahigh, Featherstone has seen a 25% improvement in GCSE A* to C mathematics grades with their improvement and performance at […]

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rockeby school

Rokeby School, London – How we use Mangahigh in our department

Mangahigh is a very important part of our numeracy strategy. I organise two maths inter-form competitions every year using  Mangahigh games.

We also use Mangahigh as part of our online homework and in-class tasks.

G&T students are also set tasks as part of their weekly targets.

Y11 intervention also includes Mangahigh activities.

Francisco-Aparecido Mattos-Schreiber – Head of Maths

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Bispham High School, Lancashire – Changing student attitudes to maths

Attitudes to Maths have historically been quite poor, but the competitive element, with the in-class rankings, and the way Prodigi adjusts the difficulty of questions have marked a noticeable change in students attitudes in just five weeks. Hopefully we can continue to capitalise on this in the new academic year and try and get a little higher in the leader boards.

We print and stick the students login details onto address labels that go onto the front of the students exercise […]

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cheam park farm

Cheam Park Fram Junior School, Surrey – Teacher feedback

The children enjoyed all the games all were easy to use. Our SEN children were able to grasp what was being asked of them without guidance so they are appropriate for ‘whole class’ participation.

The games are similar to casual ones they have played before and they do not realise that they are learning (disguised learning as they feel as if they are competing against a computer)

The theme of Manga comics from Japan are very popular with my particular class at […]

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Churchdown Village Junior School, Gloucestershire – Research evaluation

Read the results of the research trial carried out at Churchdown Village Junior School in Gloucester. Churchdown research trial

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The Guardian – Technological innovations could revolutionise classroom learning

The Guardian makes the case for technology in the classroom and for Mangahigh.

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the charter school

The Charter School, London – Teacher feedback

The students are loving Mangahigh.

I haven’t seen so many students engaged on computers for an entire lesson.

Jeremy Barbe, Teacher of Mathematics

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hands up

Michael Gove, Education secretary – Mangahigh ‘Excellent’

In Michael Gove’s recent speech to the Royal Society, he highlighted the potential of Mangahigh to engage students and help them learn.

“Computer games developed by Marcus Du Sautoy [Mangahigh] are enabling children to engage with complex mathematical problems that would hitherto have been thought too advanced. When children need to solve equations in order to get more ammo to shoot the aliens, it is amazing how quickly they can learn. I am sure that this field […]

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redbridge local authority

Redbridge Primary Schools, London – Research evaluation

Read the results of the research trials carried out at the Redbridge Primary schools: Churchfield, Highlands and Oakdale.

Redbridge research trial

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