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Churchdown Village Junior School, Gloucestershire – Research evaluation

Read the results of the research trial carried out at Churchdown Village Junior School in Gloucester. Churchdown research trial

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The Guardian – Technological innovations could revolutionise classroom learning

The Guardian makes the case for technology in the classroom and for Mangahigh.

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the charter school

The Charter School, London – Teacher feedback

The students are loving Mangahigh.

I haven’t seen so many students engaged on computers for an entire lesson.

Jeremy Barbe, Teacher of Mathematics

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hands up

Michael Gove, Education secretary – Mangahigh ‘Excellent’

In Michael Gove’s recent speech to the Royal Society, he highlighted the potential of Mangahigh to engage students and help them learn.

“Computer games developed by Marcus Du Sautoy [Mangahigh] are enabling children to engage with complex mathematical problems that would hitherto have been thought too advanced. When children need to solve equations in order to get more ammo to shoot the aliens, it is amazing how quickly they can learn. I am sure that this field […]

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redbridge local authority

Redbridge Primary Schools, London – Research evaluation

Read the results of the research trials carried out at the Redbridge Primary schools: Churchfield, Highlands and Oakdale.

Redbridge research trial

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harris academy merton

Harris Academy Merton, Surrey – Assorted student quotes

The Harris Academy Merton is using Mangahigh with a range of classes to help engage students and raise attainment levels. The students in a lower set year 11 group shared their thoughts on the experience. They have been preparing for their GCSE examinations and used Mangahigh in class and at home.

We asked the students “Were all the Mangahigh lessons worthwhile and why?”

“Yes because we didn’t only do it individually, we learnt together as a class.”   Ellison

“Yes because it allowed […]

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scarbrough college

Scarborough College, North Yorkshire – Teacher feedback

I have been using Manga High with a number of pupils over the last two weeks and have been impressed with the way you have managed to combine the entertainment value of the games with a solid curriculum-based  learning environment.

Peter Finch, Scarborough College.

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bishop david brown school

The Bishop David Brown School, Surrey – Teacher feedback

Following the demonstration you guys did at our Maths day a few months back I really hoped our students would take advantage of what you had to offer. They have done and then some.

The competitive element has got them to move from about 15th a week ago to 3rd by the end of the weekend and I know they are gunning for the 2nd spot in your Maths league! I look forward to seeing the rewards in actual results. Thanks […]

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bartholomew school

Bartholomew School, Oxfordshire – Teacher feedback

I can’t believe the number of hours it has been used for! Thanks very much.

Steve Nicholson, teacher.


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