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cockburn school

Cockburn School, Leeds – Teacher feedback

“We tried out the website with most classes and all think it’s fantastic and it’s definitely the best resource for engaging pupils in maths I’ve seen”           Tom Boreham, Head of Maths

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cowplain v1

Cowplain Community School, Hampshire – Teacher feedback

The pupils at my school absolutely love this site and very glad they bought it.  The non uniform money at our school goes to the student council to spend on whatever they want and they’re very happy with their decision.
The pupils are studying a lot more maths at home independently and even doing topics they’re not studying currently.  They love seeing the competition between the school and very proud of nearly being in the top 10 schools in Britain….only […]

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featherstone image v3

Teacher comment on new Mangahigh features

We’ve started using it a lot more recently as we got to 8th in the league and then thought let’s just get up to the top and try and stay there! Our pupils are working hard to ensure we are the winners this month!!!
As to the changes, I noticed them when a student was working and then had a look myself today. I think that the ‘ Teach me now ‘ sections will be useful. Also, the pupils like […]

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cowplain v1

Cowplain Community School, Hampshire – Teacher feedback

I’ve just seen the changes you guys have just made with the site.
They are absolutely amazing. Can’t believe how good this is.

So glad we bought this.

Greg Wilson.

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schoolzone v1

Schoolzone research evaluation

Schoolzone, the leading educational evaluator in the UK, carried out an independent evaluation of Mangahigh. The report gave great feedback and can be read in full at schoolzonereview


Mangahigh literature states that it has been designed to engage students in Mathematics in an exciting and powerful way. The games have been created so that they are fun to play but that help the students to develop their mathematical skills. The games are specifically […]

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kingswood bath v2

Kingswood School, Bath – Research evaluation

Read the results of the research trial carried out at Kingswood School in Bath. Kingswood reserach trial

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gillingham v2

Gillingham School, Dorset – Research evaluation

PGCE student trials Mangahigh and sees outstanding improvement with year 9 students. Read the results in full at Gillingham research trail

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Stamford Queen Eleanor School

Stamford Queen Eleanor School, Lincolnshire – Teacher feedback

We have thoroughly enjoyed Mangahigh so far with the students becoming very competitive and highly motivated to do maths outside the classroom. We have even managed in 2 weeks to attain 9th position on the leader board! Not bad for a small school.

Just to let you know our enthusiasm in the department has developed into the Head signing off money for the 3 year package just this morning!

Thank you to you and all at Mangahigh for an inspiring and USEFUL product with quick […]

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city academy bristol v4

Bristol Academy – Research evaluation

New academy school in Bristol test drives Mangahigh. Read feedback from teachers and students at Bristol Academy research trial

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