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gillingham v2

Gillingham School, Dorset – Research evaluation

PGCE student trials Mangahigh and sees outstanding improvement with year 9 students. Read the results in full at Gillingham research trail

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Stamford Queen Eleanor School

Stamford Queen Eleanor School, Lincolnshire – Teacher feedback

We have thoroughly enjoyed Mangahigh so far with the students becoming very competitive and highly motivated to do maths outside the classroom. We have even managed in 2 weeks to attain 9th position on the leader board! Not bad for a small school.

Just to let you know our enthusiasm in the department has developed into the Head signing off money for the 3 year package just this morning!

Thank you to you and all at Mangahigh for an inspiring and USEFUL product with quick […]

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city academy bristol v4

Bristol Academy – Research evaluation

New academy school in Bristol test drives Mangahigh. Read feedback from teachers and students at Bristol Academy research trial

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currie v1

Currie Community High School, Midlothian – Teacher feedback

Kirsti Dower, Maths teacher said:

“I liked the interactive way the questions were produced, moving them up and down levels within the 10 questions. The students were HUGE fans of the multiplayer games – especially when they could play each other! The admin was very straight forward and easy to use.”

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hereford univ v1

University of Hertfordshire – PGCE Maths student feedback

Steve Newnham, currently in his training year said:

“This is awesome!!! Like a proper experience of maths, rather than a page of ‘drills”.

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Carres Grammar School

Carre’s Grammar School, Lincolnshire – Teacher feedback

On behalf of all the pupils at Carre’s Grammar, I would just like to say that the site is fantastic and they all love it!

So much so that we are having to restrict lunchtime access to the site as our computer suites are overwhelmed with pupils playing Mangahigh!! My colleagues and I find the games extremely addictive!

Many thanks for all you help.

Rachael Needham

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mintlaw academy v2

Mintlaw Academy, Aberdeenshire – Research evaluation

Students and teachers at Mintlaw School give great feedback on their Mangahigh trial. Mintlaw research trial

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Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy

Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy, Cheshire – Teacher feedback

I’ve just been on the MangaHigh website and think that it would be a great tool for the pupils in my school.

Ben Barry, Maths teacher

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LTS v1

Research evaluation with Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS)

Extensive trial with 10 Scottish schools over 3 months. Read the feedback from teachers and students and find out about the impact of Mangahigh during and after the trial. LTS Research trial.

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featherstone image v3

Featherstone School, London – Deputy Headmaster feedback

Neil Bradford, deputy head and Maths teacher said:

“The Mangahigh blend of gaming technology with the learning and re-enforcement of mathematical skills is quite superb. The product has proved hugely popular with students, many of whom have been lured into answering more mathematical questions than we could ever have hoped with the standard text book approach. In my opinion Mangahigh is taking e-learning to another level. The bar has been raised significantly.”

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