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Emanuel School, New South Wales – Teacher Feedback

Kids loved it; ADHD student who has NEVER before been able to focus in the last periods of the day in any class except for phys ed; he wouldn’t stop till he got a medal! Absolutely phenomenal! His mother is overjoyed, and the rest of the maths staff room were gobsmacked!

Joseph Peacock, Teacher

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Kaitaia Intermediate School, New Zealand – Teacher Feedback

I have a Reo Rua class of 30 students made up of Years 7 and 8.

Feedback on your maths initiative within our class

. It was cool
. Helped them with their own maths in class
. Enjoyed being involved with other students
. Challenging
. Competitive

. Students focussed
. Collaborative team work to solve equations
. Shared computer time
. Format/presentations clear, use of colour kept students on task
. Reward system gave students mana on their achievements

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Dunsandel School, New Zealand – Teacher Feeback

Thanks for the opportunity to be involved in the Manga Maths Challenge. My pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I saw levels of self motivation I have never witnessed in these children before.  They said to tell you Manga Maths is: cool, awesome, the best maths ever, tricky, great fun, sometimes hard, cool medals, fun challenging my mates.

I think if we were involved in the challenge, if another one was offered, they are much wiser now and would attack in a […]

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East Hills Boys High School

East Hills Boys High School are into our 3rd year of using Mangahigh for our year 7-10 students. We have found it to be an exceptional way for engaging our boys with technology. It is easy to link games and tasks to National curriculum content, easy to track student progress and easy to administer. We have incorporated it’s use into our teaching programs for at least 1 50 minute lesson per fortnight per class. Parents, students and teachers have commented on how good this […]

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New Zealand – teacher feedback

I came across Mangahigh by accident and really liked the sound of it, so did the free trial. My little year 5 maths group got SO excited and seemed to be spending so much time on it that I linked up for the 6 month period. They were learning so much on the games, [covering angle work and algebra] that I wasn’t even close to teaching in my programme, and the collaboration and competition was so exciting. The first question […]

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NSW government

NSW Department of education and Communities – Research evaluation

An evaluation of Digital Games-Based Learning with Mangahigh in school contexts conducted by the NSW Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre. A 10 week independent trial in 9 NSW Government schools. The study investigates the potential of Digital Games-Based Learning and gives key findings that will be of interest to all maths teachers and senior management in schools.
NSW Government research trail

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