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NSW government

NSW Department of education and Communities – Research evaluation

An evaluation of Digital Games-Based Learning with Mangahigh in school contexts conducted by the NSW Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre. A 10 week independent trial in 9 NSW Government schools. The study investigates the potential of Digital Games-Based Learning and gives key findings that will be of interest to all maths teachers and senior management in schools.
NSW Government research trail

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westside christian college

Westside Christian College, Queensland – Research evaluation

Read the results of the research trial carried out at Westside Christian College near Ipswich, Queensland.

Westside research trial

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South Australia Secondary Principals Association (SASPA) – Research evaluation

18 secondary schools in South Australia took part in a 6 week trial with Student performance, confidence and attitude towards mathematics was measured.

The trial ran from  March to April 2011 and students engaged in both topics that were new to them and reinforced previously covered concepts. Extensive use was made of Mangahigh resources both inside and outside the classroom.

Read the results at SASPA research trial.

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Independent Schools Queensland – Research evaluation

8 Independent schools in Queensland Australia took part in a 6 week trial to assess the impact of Mangahigh.comʼs maths resources on studentsʼ performance and attitude in mathematics.

The schools made extensive use the resources from Feb to March 2011 in order to explore new topics and reinforce previous learning.

Read the results at Independent Schools Queensland research trial


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gin gin v2

Gin Gin State High School, Queensland – Research evaluation

Students carry out the first trial of Mangahigh in Australia. Read the results at Gin Gin research trial.

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clare primary

Clare Primary School, South Australia – Research evaluation

Student engagement:

Extremely high ….particularly the boys.

Flower Power proved the most popular and challenged the boys to independently investigate the relationships between number fractions decimals and percentage.

Student achievement:

Able to view student progress and ascertain there participation and success .

Able to align with planning strategies for improvement.

Relevance to Australian Market:

Extremely beneficial to support student learning.


Ronnie Alderman, Numeracy Coach

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