Dunsandel School, New Zealand – Teacher Feeback

Thanks for the opportunity to be involved in the Manga Maths Challenge. My pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I saw levels of self motivation I have never witnessed in these children before.  They said to tell you Manga Maths is: cool, awesome, the best maths ever, tricky, great fun, sometimes hard, cool medals, fun challenging my mates.

I think if we were involved in the challenge, if another one was offered, they are much wiser now and would attack in a different way. Just missing out on a top 10 place by 1 medal was gutting for them but they realised that now they know more, they might have a better chance next time.

Some encouraging words from the parents are: it’s amazing to see him doing maths homework by himself, she’s actually wanting to do the maths online, can’t get him off the computer, Tracey what have you done to him, he’s on the site all night! I saw all of these factors as positive for my class.

Tracey – Maths Teacher

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