East Hills Boys High School

East Hills Boys High School are into our 3rd year of using Mangahigh for our year 7-10 students. We have found it to be an exceptional way for engaging our boys with technology. It is easy to link games and tasks to National curriculum content, easy to track student progress and easy to administer. We have incorporated it’s use into our teaching programs for at least 1 50 minute lesson per fortnight per class. Parents, students and teachers have commented on how good this software is. Parents are seeing their son engage in activities at home that are not necessarily assigned to them, students are saying Maths is fun and teachers enjoy using the software to engage students and enhance their learning. It is comprehensive in its content, it is easy to adapt the content to the needs of your school and importantly, it is accessible anywhere.

We have used it successfully to help improve motivation for our lower ability students, to lift achievement for students in our middle bands and to challenge students who excel in Mathematics. We will continue to use this software in the coming years.

Mr Brett Palmer

Head Teacher Mathematics – East Hills Boys High School

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