westside christian college

Westside Christian College, Queensland – Research evaluation

Read the results of the research trial carried out at Westside Christian College near Ipswich, Queensland.

Westside research trial

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marsden high school nsw

Marsden High School, New South Wales – Teacher feedback

Aparna Thadani, Maths teacher said:

Mangahigh roused a blazing interest in maths particularly amongst our boys in years 8 and 9. The competitive nature of the games and the dynamic leader-board keeps students on their toes, excited to be in the top 5 of each Prodigi challenge or game within the school. Even our year 11s and 12s enjoyed taking a break from the traditional forms of learning and played Mangahigh at home.

The interactive nature of the lessons, adaptive learning methodology, […]

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South Australia Secondary Principals Association (SASPA) – Research evaluation

18 secondary schools in South Australia took part in a 6 week trial with Mangahigh.com. Student performance, confidence and attitude towards mathematics was measured.

The trial ran from  March to April 2011 and students engaged in both topics that were new to them and reinforced previously covered concepts. Extensive use was made of Mangahigh resources both inside and outside the classroom.

Read the results at SASPA research trial.

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Independent Schools Queensland – Research evaluation

8 Independent schools in Queensland Australia took part in a 6 week trial to assess the impact of Mangahigh.comʼs maths resources on studentsʼ performance and attitude in mathematics.

The schools made extensive use the resources from Feb to March 2011 in order to explore new topics and reinforce previous learning.

Read the results at Independent Schools Queensland research trial


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grace lutheran primary school

Grace Lutheran Primary School, Queensland – Teacher feedback

My students and I found Mangahigh to be a very engaging maths website. It provided a fantastic opportunity for the students to show prior knowledge of maths concepts, learn new maths concepts and be challenged to extend their understanding of maths concepts while having fun at the same time.

Erin Evans, primary teacher.

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grace lutheran primary school

Grace Lutheran Primary School, Queensland – Teacher and student interviews (video)

Students learn more about ordering fractions and decimals through the ‘Flower Power’ game. Hear how they learnt new skills and enjoyed maths at the same time.

Click here to see the teacher interview

Click here to see the student interviews

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Caloundra Christian College

Australian kids loving Mangahigh

My kids performed 3 challenges in class today and they absolutely loved it.

I must say I had the best lesson since being a teacher in the last 10 years.

Kids are on fire and are gaining medals at home tonight. Thank you so much this is awesome.

Wally Kokavec – Maths teacher – Caloundra Christian College, Queensland, Australia

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Rosebank College students shine through – New South Wales

MangaHigh has come to Rosebank! MangaHigh is a new mathematics games-based learning site for students: students have enjoyment while mastering maths skills and knowledge.

The new site was launched by Professor Marcus du Sautoy, professor of mathematics at the University of Oxford. Professor du Sautoy said “Maths is frequently perceived as irrelevant by students. Mangahigh aims to make curriculum maths engaging through the use of games, and also to spark an interest that reaches beyond the curriculum,”

Through gameplay, […]

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new zealand flag v3

Mangahigh reaches New Zealand

Students in a New Zealand school finish in 1st place in the global schools maths league. Read the news article at  computer learning adds up.

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maidstone nz v1

Maidstone Intermediate School, Wellington, New Zealand – Teacher feedback

Grant Reid, Maths teacher said:

“Those teachers who have begun to use Mangahigh in their daily maths programme are raving about it. I did a demonstration/promo in assembly using a couple of my mathematicians on Wednesday. It went down very well. My kids have done a wonderful job going into other classes to get both teachers and students up and running. We are planning to make our first presentations in assembly next Wednesday. Mangahigh is an outstanding innovation. We will certainly […]

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