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Height middle school - NM

Heights Middle School, New Mexico – Teacher feedback

It was exciting to see how quickly the kids fell in love with the games.

The site is so engaging that students will do work on it, that they might not do otherwise.  Here are the main things I really like about the program:

1.  Kids get immediate feedback
2.  The quizzes are interesting and word problem based, which boosts their critical reading skills as well
3.  The incentives of the Fai-To (inter school competition), the medals, and the leader boards really […]

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MO flag

Plaza Middle School, Missouri – Teacher feedback

I use Mangahigh for both classwork and homework on a weekly basis with almost every single learning goal. The games help motivate the students. I even use Prodigi [the adaptive learning quiz] to help teach some of the difficult learning concepts. I absolutely love how the program differentiates for my students. Aaron Wilson, math teacher.

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Students in Texas use games to factor trinomials

Students from Ennis High School in Texas are playing the Mangahigh game ‘Wrecks Factor’ and learning how to factor trinomials. In the words of their teacher……

“This is a video of my students playing the Wrecks Factor from Mangahigh. What’s cool about this is that if I presented this same information from a textbook or worksheet, there would not have been this much excitement nor participation. It was simply a Fantastic day” Rafranz Davis.  See video here


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Sierra Vista HS

Sierra Vista High School, Nevada – Teacher feedback

I have been looking for games and think yours are excellent and want to use them in my high school.

Stephanie Foresta

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elk meadows

Elk Meadows Elementary, Utah – teachers collaborate with Mangahigh on Edmodo

Myself and Mr. Ray met on Edmodo. He offered to have his class tutor my kids in learning about Mangahigh. The kids started to correspond via Edmodo over Christmas break. During the month of January, the kids had a blast cheering each other on because both schools were in the top 10 the whole month. The Fai-To came later. The kids continue to correspond/compete/and support each other through Edmodo. Mangahigh has been a GREAT relationship builder! The kids are friends, […]

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idaho flag

Spalding Elementary, Idaho – students in epic Fai-To

Our school was involved in an epic fai-to this week. It went 9 rounds and was a battle to the last second. I have never seen so many kids so excited to do Math. They were begging to stay in during their lunch recess to complete challenges. Thanks Mangahigh.    K Phelps (teacher)

n.b. Spalding Elementary finally triumphed over Great Crosby Catholic Primary in the UK by 5 rounds to 4.


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eschool news

eschool News gives Mangahigh a ‘Reader’s choice award’

eschool news has published its ‘reader’s choices’ for 2012 resources for K-20 educators.

It’s no surprise that Mangahigh is one of the resources getting recognized for its contribution to learning math.

See the full list:   Reader’s choice 2012  [Mangahigh page 7]




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lionel wilson prep

Lionel Wilson Prep, Oakland, CA – Teacher feedback

A teacher at a school in Oakland shares his experience of using Mangahigh:

– We are a school in Oakland, CA, with predominantly 1st-generation Latino kids who speak English as a second language.

– My students have made it their mission to make our school #1 on the Mangahigh leaderboard.

– The school has 2-hour class periods and the students have self organized to always have someone on the computers at all times earning medals.

– When they started falling behind in the total […]

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herricks school district ny

Herricks School District, New York – Teacher feedback

I am so impressed with your site.  It is hot and sticky here and we have only 2 weeks left before the kids graduate to middle school.  But all they want to do is play on Mangahigh.

The math discussions going on and the cooperation is amazing.  They are even playing late into the night and on weekends.  Way to go!

Lisa Parisi, Math teacher.

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