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Home schooling in Florida

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much the customer service representative helped me in making the best choice in choosing a math program with games for my four homeschoolers.

Mangahigh was the best on the market. I am very thankful because I have noticed that many programs are equipped only for students who attend public schools but Mangahigh really has it all. Excellent job.

Thank you guys for all your support Mangahigh.

Roshanda Morris, Home school teacher.

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Acton Academy, Texas – Teacher feedback

My students adore Mangahigh.  During Fai-Tos, they choose to do extra exercises during their free time and play after school at home.  Not only do they learn from the modules, but the program created a greater sense of school spirit and an incredible excitement about math.

Kaylie Reed.



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naples high school - FL

Naples High School, Florida – Teacher feedback

I think the product is great and I love how it adjusts to the level of our students. That, combined with the ability to have students get feedback immediately after doing a Prodigi lesson really helps students monitor themselves and their progress. I’m also allowing students to play some of the games after we finish our Prodigi lessons.

The games seem to really help students review/touch up some of the more basic skills that otherwise seem tedious to them. As an […]

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Parkway Christain School

Parkway Christian School, Florida – Students going all out with Mangahigh

‘Every student in the school, no matter what their ability, is making progress’

‘We had a student who was getting up in the middle of the night to play MH and had

to be stopped by his parents’

‘I want to get up and tell everyone about Mangahigh’

Anne Linne, Math teacher.

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San Antonio Academy v2

San Antonio Academy, Texas – Teacher and student interviews (video)

Find out why students and teachers at San Antonio Academy are enjoying math  in a new and exciting way. Hear about their experiences and see the enthusiasm from students. Click here to watch the video

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Parkway school teacher_student interviews

Parkway School, Florida – Teacher and student interviews (video)

Hear how teachers at Parkway school are using Mangahigh to engage students and drive learning forward. Hear from students too about their experiences and successes. Click here to watch the video

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cambridge middle school video

Cambridge Middle School, Minnesota – Teacher interviews (video)

See how teachers at Cambridge Middle School are changing the way their students see and experience Math.  Click here to watch the video

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education week

NYC’s School of One Customizes Math Learning – Education Weekly

The New York City schools’ program is restructuring school time and deploying digital-learning tools to customize education and raise math achievement

By Ian Quillen
“The School of One is based on the premise that, in a regular school, … there are basically three or four math classes that are going on in any given period,” explains Christopher Rush, the program’s co-founder and chief product officer, who is in charge of the project’s analytics. “So why don’t […]

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South Dakota v2

Rutland School, South Dakota – Research evaluation

High School students in South Dakota try out Mangahigh. Read the findings at Rutland research trial.

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