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Greenwood school - jacksonville

Greenwood School, Florida – Students win Fai-to

Yay! We won our Fai-to!  What a motivational tool!  My students worked so hard to beat the other school. Can we do another one?

Ginger Caruso, Math teacher

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help wanted

Big brother helps little brother

This site is awesome, gave it to my little brother, he’s been hard at work studying for hours.

Fabian von Feilitzsch (Big brother)

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Blue Ridge School

Blue Ridge High School, Texas – Teacher feedback

Teaching High School math to students who have not previously been successful in math, I’m finding that the MangaHigh games and challenges are offering these students ways to be successful.  I had one student ask me why they were allowed to play these games, since “there wasn’t any math” in them! – I think he was more focused on the game than the fact that for the first time he is recognizing and using multiplication facts he never memorized in […]

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blogarithms v2

Math teacher uses Mangahigh for class revision – Alabama

Math teacher gets her students using Mangahigh for revision.


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cambridge middle school

Cambridge Middle School fights for first place in December Math league – Minnesota

We are trying to oust Revere School for 1st place….our students are MOTIVATED!  We love your program as a school!

Sarah M. Knudsvig, Middle School Math teacher

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cooper high school v2

Cooper High School, Texas – Teacher feedback

I continue to be amazed at what I witness when my students are on Mangahigh!  My students beg me DAILY to go to the computer lab.  It has been the most beneficial teaching tool I have ever experienced as a teacher.  I tell every teacher I have contact with about Mangahigh; even did a presentation on it last October to teachers in my region.  Some of the teachers at the presentation are now using Mangahigh.  My own son (freshman) loves […]

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North Carolina v1

Delbruck Academy, North Carolina – Teacher feedback

We tried Bidmas Blaster and the kids really got into it… so much adrenalin… my daughter forgot for a few minutes that she was doing math!  What a sight!  Adriana Chanmala, Math teacher.

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lincoln middle school v1

Lincoln Middle School, Indianapolis – Student feedback

Your games are undeniably the best games on the Internet, and off!

Chris M.

Grade 8 Math.

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OWL v2

Open World Learning Institute – Mangahigh review

The Open World Learning Institute helps people find and create new ways of learning and teaching. Read their review of Mangahigh at    OWLreview

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