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Amber Caldwell v1

Math teacher reviews Mangahigh on her blog – Walker Valley HS – Tennessee

Math teacher Amber Caldwell gives her assessment of Mangahigh and ideas for use in the classroom.     Maximize learning

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Lewistown High School

Lewistown High School, Illinois – Teacher feedback

I just showed the site to a class this morning and pointed out that we are #1 in the US! Considering I passed out the passwords only a week ago, I am pretty proud of my kids. I can only imagine how it’s going to go when everyone actually logs in and plays.

My kids are hungry to be #1 in the world.  Mike Osborn, Math teacher.

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angry astronomer

Trainee Math teacher enjoys Mangahigh – Missouri

Jon Voisey, a trainee Math teacher gives his verdict on Mangahigh and why games like ‘Save Our Dumb Plant’ push students to new levels.

Read his comments at  angy astronomer.

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rio v1

Rio del Valle Middle School, California – Research evaluation

Students get to grips with Mangahigh and are flying high in Math. See the results at Rio research trial

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curtis v2

Curtis Middle School, Kansas – Research evaluation

Mangahigh and Middle School students from Kansas join together to experience Math lessons in a new and exciting way. Read the results at Curtis research trial

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emmaus v2

Emmaus School, Pennsylvania – Research evaluation

High School students in Pennsylvania try out Mangahigh. Read the findings at Emmaus research trial.

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curtis v2

Curtis Middle School, Kansas – Teacher feedback

Students enjoyed working/playing the lessons on Mangahigh… Students of this generation enjoy technology…. so, doing/playing lessons on the computer may remind them of video games. Thus, all students were engaged in each lesson/game. Students didn’t feel like they were working when actually if you walked into my room they were all working(playing in their eyes).

My students are competitive, so they were all trying to beat each others scores… which, in turn, they were actually helping themselves & teaching themselves more […]

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white house v1

White House School, Tennessee – Research evaluation

Students and Math teachers in Sumner County have fun learning with Mangahigh. Read more at White House trial.

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paducah v1

Paducah Tilghman High School, Kentucky – Research evaluation

Students use Mangahigh for the first time and push back the boundaries in Math. See the results at Paducah research trial.

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