barhitte elementary

Barhitte Elementary, Michigan – Teacher feedback

I would like to thank the Mangahigh staff and designers for creating this wonderful program and allow access of it for FREE!  Our district is very small and funds are always an issue, so when I heard about this program and then actually saw my first webinar on it, I was hooked.  It is a wonderful program for teachers and students.

I am in charge of the Computer Lab at the Elementary School here at Bentley Community Schools, in Burton, Michigan, and the Mangahigh program has been used to help reinforce Math Lessons from Grades 3rd to 6th.  The program is set up to follow the Common Core lessons.

Our students also love the program, we have used this program also as a competition among classmates with prizes awarded for the highest scores during a specific challenge on a certain day.  Our computer room is usually very quiet during these challenge competitions because the students are so engaged in doing their best to win.

So again thank you for allowing access to this program.

Cheryl Blosser, teacher.

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