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barhitte elementary

Barhitte Elementary, Michigan – Teacher feedback

I would like to thank the Mangahigh staff and designers for creating this wonderful program and allow access of it for FREE!  Our district is very small and funds are always an issue, so when I heard about this program and then actually saw my first webinar on it, I was hooked.  It is a wonderful program for teachers and students.

I am in charge of the Computer Lab at the Elementary School here at Bentley Community Schools, in Burton, Michigan, […]

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living world christian school

Living Word Christian School, Missouri – Teacher feedback

I teach middle school students and I have found that Mangahigh has been really helpful in engaging my students, particularly the boys. I always post the class leader board at the start of each lesson and the students love to see their name up there. The great thing is that it’s not always just the smart kids who are getting their name on the board. To add to that, I have observed in the time that I have been doing […]

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hunt middle school

Hunt Middle School, Vermont – Teacher feedback

I am amazed that this is a free service.  I love this site.  My students really enjoy it.  Last year kids would beg me to participate in the Fai-Tos (bilateral school competitions). Many students commented that this was a feature they really enjoyed in math class. Students ask to have Mangahigh assignments for homework.  Kids even work on these activities when they aren’t assigned.

I like that it challenges students.  Sometimes I assign activities that we haven’t covered and then teach […]

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Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 12.09.52

East Kentwood Freshman Campus – Immediate Feedback Increases Math Confidence in Students

Mangahigh is a fantastic learning and gaming system that works like a charm to motivate students and more importantly gives them number sense. Mangahigh is so well thought out with professional gaming as well as standardized test problems embedded. They really demand an understanding of not only what the answer is, but why. It is amazing for my advanced as well as my “repeater” class. They even have a group on Edmodo to assist with implementation as well as give […]

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Height middle school - NM

Heights Middle School, New Mexico – Teacher feedback

The more I use Mangahigh, the more excited I get about the product. I spent about an hour training another teacher on it today and everything he wanted to do, I was able to show him.  Your product is seriously the best resource I’ve ever had as a teacher.

Linda Gutierrez,  6th Grade Math Teacher

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fern bluff elementary

Lakewood Christian School, Oklahoma – How competition is driving engagement

I am so excited about your site.  This year our high school entered a national competition for Cyber Defense called CyberPatriot.  We made it to the finals, which were held in Washington DC.  I saw how hard those students worked to learn what they needed to know for the competition.  They learned more than they would have in a year of sitting in a class.

That made me a huge fan of competition based learning. I started looking for ways that […]

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fern bluff elementary

Fern Bluff Elementary, Texas – How we’re using Mangahigh

We are big fans of Mangahigh here at Fern Bluff. Initially, Mangahigh was used only by two classes so we could test out the system and get the hang of it. As we (and the students) became more familiar and comfortable with it, student interest really took off.

As a teacher, I loved being able to have the option of assigning a whole class challenge as well as being able to differentiate for individual students. It was great that I could […]

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Edsurge reviews of Mangahigh

Edsurge is a large, independent information resource and community for everyone involved in education technology. When reviewing Mangahigh they commented that:

“An outstanding characteristic of Mangahigh is a social component that allows schools to enter into “math combat” with one another.”

Read the full review of Mangahigh here…

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HPEMS school

Hannah-Pamplico Elementary/Middle School, South Carolina

In the past we have only used another math program. I noticed that by the time the students have used this program from Kindergarten up until middle school they are often bored and tired of it. It is a mandated program that I have to use but as a reward I have begun using Mangahigh this year.

The students absolutely love this program. They really enjoy the different activities and games.

I personally am very thankful for this program as it has […]

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Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School

Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School, Massachusetts – Teacher feedback

First off, thank you so much for the site and all that you guys do…we love using Mangahigh.

I count the Mangahigh work as a single quiz grade every other week based on the number of challenges I have set.  For example, if I assigned 5 challenges for the week and a student did 4 out of 5, they would receive 80%.

I then also add one point for each bronze medal, two points for each silver medal, and three points for […]

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