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Fern Bluff Elementary, Texas – How we’re using Mangahigh

We are big fans of Mangahigh here at Fern Bluff. Initially, Mangahigh was used only by two classes so we could test out the system and get the hang of it. As we (and the students) became more familiar and comfortable with it, student interest really took off.

As a teacher, I loved being able to have the option of assigning a whole class challenge as well as being able to differentiate for individual students. It was great that I could give similar challenges, but at different difficulty/grade levels, without the students being aware of it; this is a huge advantage with students who struggle with math and could be embarrassed by having work that is obviously different to their peers.

The students enjoyed both the games and the Prodigi challenges. It quickly became a very social and cooperative element of the classroom; they would often work–on their own initiative–in mixed ability groups and help each other through questions and concepts. It was great to see the students who struggled with math go over to assist another who was stronger in math, and offer their own instruction. This really gave every student a new awareness that everyone had something to contribute during math and helped boost confidence immensely.

However, the feature they loved the most was the Fai-To (School v School competition) . Every time one was available, the entire class would participate, both at home and at school.

After about two months of this, word quickly spread among the rest of the grade and to other grade levels, and soon, several classes were all engaged with Mangahigh and it was used with our general ED, gifted and talented, as well as Special Eduction students.

We are looking forward to another successful year of this program.

Patrick Benfield, Math teacher

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