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Lakewood Christian School, Oklahoma – How competition is driving engagement

I am so excited about your site.  This year our high school entered a national competition for Cyber Defense called CyberPatriot.  We made it to the finals, which were held in Washington DC.  I saw how hard those students worked to learn what they needed to know for the competition.  They learned more than they would have in a year of sitting in a class.

That made me a huge fan of competition based learning. I started looking for ways that I could incorporate competition in my classes.   I came across Mangahigh and decided to give it a try.  Every day when the students come to class, they beg to play Mangahigh.

I overheard two 8th graders talking and their conversation went something like this.  Student one “So I see you are number one on Mangahigh.”  Student two “Yeah, I played last night because I didn’t want Colin (a sixth grader) to be in first place.”  Student one “You played a math game at home?” Student two “Yeah, I just want to give Colin a hard time because he was bragging about being number one.”
And the whole time I was thinking, Yes!!!

Our school is very small, so there has been a lot of competition between classes.  I love how it shows the stats for the classes and the school, and then nationwide.  The students are very excited when they see that we have gone up the list.

Thanks again for all your help.
Sandra Marshall, teacher

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