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Living Word Christian School, Missouri – Teacher feedback

I teach middle school students and I have found that Mangahigh has been really helpful in engaging my students, particularly the boys. I always post the class leader board at the start of each lesson and the students love to see their name up there. The great thing is that it’s not always just the smart kids who are getting their name on the board. To add to that, I have observed in the time that I have been doing Mangahigh (about 3 months) that more boys than girls are getting their name on the leader board. Generally my girls outperform my boys, so for the boys to see their name up there it gives them a real boost.

Overall I have to say that I am incredibly impressed with Mangahigh. For starters, I can’t believe it is free or that students have individual logins, and pretty much unlimited access to the games/prodigi at no cost. I think the games are great and I can’t wait for some more. I love that I can assign challenges and increase the level for my more advanced class and now the students are able to post questions and comments directly on the site. I believe this will help develop a bit of an online community for the class which will increase engagement here at school.

Thanks again, Jake Ibbetson, math teacher

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