carlssons skola

Carlssons Skola, Sweden – Student feedback

I thought that Mangahigh was a great math site, it was interesting and very helpful for those who are unsure about math. Some games were very good. I hope you can create more games.

Vincent, age 12


Me and my friend think that Mangahigh is a good website  for children to learn around the world. Mangahigh is fun and also a good place to learn new stuff.

Carl and William, age 12


I think that  Mangahigh is a really good webbsite for learning math because it´s fun playing the games on the computer. You can play games from the second to the twelfth grade and you can challenge schools from all over the world. You can also get medals for seeing how good you are and later get better.

Marcus, age 12


I think that Mangahigh is a good and fun way to learn maths. Especially subtraction, additivity, multiplication and division. We think that Mangahigh is a really good way of learning math. It’s a fun way to learn math because its like playing a game.

Andrea, age 12


We think that Mangahigh is a fun way to get better at math! It’s fun that you can compete with other schools.

Beata and Ann, age 12


I think it’s a great website because you can do math while having fun. Kids might think it’s easier on the computer. They learn while playing games. There are games for second to twelfth grade so you can choose if you want to repeat easy things or challenge yourself. For kids that don’t speak English all the time and kids from different countries it’s also good that it’s in English so they learn even more English. Mangahigh, it’s a good tool to educate.

Bianca, age 12


We think that Mangahigh is a fun, great way to learn maths. It’s an easy way to learn. It’s good for all ages. We think that kids maybe like to do maths on the computer.

Carl-Fredrik Freia, age 12

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