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maths week ireland

Scoil Mhuire Girls NS, Lucan, Republic of Ireland – Irish maths week

Maths Week was a really exciting time in Scoil Mhuire Girls’ N.S. Lucan this year. We decided to take on the Mangahigh Challenge for a second time and we were all looking forward to it. We were awarded 4th place nationally last year and we were surprised and delighted with that. However, the result was really just the culmination of a lot of fun and excitement engendered by the online games and challenges which the pupils took on.

This year, the […]

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Notre Dame Churchtown, Republic of Ireland – Irish maths week

Irish Maths week took place this year between the 13th and 21st of October, and included a week long Mangahigh competition.  Many schools from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland took part in the competition.  Below are some thoughts on Irish Maths week from the fourth place finisher, Notre Dame Churchtown.

Mangahigh was really the highlight of the week for our school.  We entered last year and came in 22nd place but really pushed ourselves this year to try and […]

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GEMS Wellington Academy, United Arab Emirates – Teacher feedback

In regards to the website, it is amazing how rapidly the site infected our students at WSO. It is practically all they have been talking about for the last two weeks, and they have loved seeing our school rise to the top of the Middle East league!

Many of the parents have commented on how the site has dramatically increased the time they spend on mathematics at home, and all of the students make reference to how much fun the website is. They […]

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carlssons skola

Carlssons Skola, Sweden – Student feedback

I thought that Mangahigh was a great math site, it was interesting and very helpful for those who are unsure about math. Some games were very good. I hope you can create more games.

Vincent, age 12


Me and my friend think that Mangahigh is a good website  for children to learn around the world. Mangahigh is fun and also a good place to learn new stuff.

Carl and William, age 12


I think that  Mangahigh is a really good webbsite for learning math […]

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Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board logo

Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, Ontario, Canada – Teacher feedback

I am very excited about Mangahigh – I was so pleased to see that it became available for FREE.  Wow!

Both of my classes love playing the games and working through the challenges.  In fact, in my grade 10 applied class

today, 15 of my 20 students opted to go to Mangahigh to practice in lieu of the text activities.

As a teacher, I find the formative assessment data invaluable not to mention work-free on my part.  (Who likes marking?)

Melinda Lula, Math teacher

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St Georges Neuchatel

St Georges Neuchatel School, Switzerland – Teacher feedback

I found your site this week and introduced it to one of my classes today. I thought it was great and they absolutely loved it!

They were so enthusiastic about the content. Some of their comments:

– This is so cool

– I like how it tells you which lessons link to the games, so you can get better

– I like how there are girl games and boy games

– Can we keep this one please miss? (In response to my saying we will be trialling […]

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sji international school

SJI International School, Singapore – Teacher feedback

SJI International School has been a user of an online Mathematics Package for some time, so when introduced to Mangahigh, we were sceptical.

What could this offer that our existing package could not? The answer became clear as soon as we trialled it with a class of weaker Grade 9

“I got a bronze”
“Jonathan, I hate you, you beat me, I’m going to get you back”
“NOOOOOOOO, so close, let me try again”

Mangahigh is easy to use and offers clear […]

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El Pilar Maristas Secundary School, Zaragoza, Spain – Teacher feedback

Rafael Mérida, Maths teacher said:

Thanks to your website my students enjoy maths a lot. They are very motivated playing games at school and at home. I would like to check their results to know their progress and upgrade my version of Mangahigh.

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