winnipeg school division

Sargent Park School, Winnipeg, Canada – Number 1 school in North America

We have much to be proud of; recently a school in Kansas Missouri made contact with us because of Mangahigh. They wanted to know if we were the type of school where every student has a laptop or iPod at their disposal. (I wish.) We informed them that no we do not have these conveniences and that the reason we are tops at Mangahigh is because of the playing of our students while at home. Once again I was reminded of how much our students are using Mangahigh when I saw the points accumulated over less than 8 hours of playing in our latest Fai-to.

Not only did we receive contact from Kansas but the CEO, Toby Rowland of Mangahigh has also made contact with us. He is impressed with our schools drive to remain number one in North America.

Please sit with your child and see how Mangahigh engages and helps students do math in a non-threatening gaming environment. As I continually say at school, “Keep Mangahighing, Sargent.”

Ralph Backe – Math teacher

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