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Harris Academy Merton, Surrey – Assorted student quotes

The Harris Academy Merton is using Mangahigh with a range of classes to help engage students and raise attainment levels. The students in a lower set year 11 group shared their thoughts on the experience. They have been preparing for their GCSE examinations and used Mangahigh in class and at home.

We asked the students “Were all the Mangahigh lessons worthwhile and why?”

“Yes because we didn’t only do it individually, we learnt together as a class.”   Ellison

“Yes because it allowed me to gain more understanding.”   James

“Yes it made me feel smarter.”   Daniel

“Yes because they managed to make me learn maths interactively.”   Hadine

“Yes because it helped me with things I didn’t know.”   Mavis

“Some of them. The majority helped because they pushed me to get a higher grade.”   Harry

“They were effective in classwork but didn’t really help me for revision.”   Issac

“Yes because it made all the learning stick in my head by trying to get a gold medal.”   Phil

“Yes because they were a fun way of learning new things.”   Asmara.

“Yes they helped me out loads.”   Samantha.

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