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Teacher comment on new Mangahigh features

We’ve started using it a lot more recently as we got to 8th in the league and then thought let’s just get up to the top and try and stay there! Our pupils are working hard to ensure we are the winners this month!!!
As to the changes, I noticed them when a student was working and then had a look myself today. I think that the ‘ Teach me now ‘ sections will be useful. Also, the pupils like the feature where they can see their position in the class for a Prodigi lesson as that feature had gone for a while. The summary page at the end of the lesson is also a lot better because they can see straight away what they need to get a medal. Also incorporating the games into challenges I think is good.
Keep up the great work – staff and students are enjoying mangahigh a lot!     Zainab Maniar, Featherstone School, London.
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